About us

Company Intro

Nuts Power Online Entertainment limited. (Nutspower), is a stable, growing mobile games publisher that focuses on publishing games for the overseas market. We currently publish games for the English, Arabic, Thai and Vietnamese-speaking markets in 36 different countries and regions.

Since its founding, Nutspower has made precise marketing, streamlined operations, accurate product evaluation and effective, comprehensive localization the core parts of its competitive strategy. Through years of hard work, Nutspower has gained a plethora of experience operating mobile games overseas and acquired a large team of skilled personnel.

The company is currently headquartered in Beijing, with offices in Guangzhou, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City.

Overseas Superiority

English Market
Nutspower Interactive’s English market includes the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and all North European countries with high ARPU (average revenue per user). The strategy we use in the English market is precise marketing, streamlined operations and robust user acquisition channels. We continually break our single day new user record.

Arabic Market
Six Middle Eastern countries are the core of our Arabic market. In addition to a unique culture and a strong emphasis on religion, the Middle East also has a solid economic foundation and strong profit-making potential. In addition to these core countries, Nutspower’s Arabic market also includes 12 countries in West Asia and 7 countries in Northern Africa (490 million people). Nutspower’s core Arabic team includes many native Arabic speakers, which gives it a strong grasp of the target culture and an ability to accurately analyze user behavior. This allows Nutspower to conduct wide-ranging, effective localization, which translates into success in the Arabic market.

Thai Market
Thailand is one of the most economically developed markets in South Asia, as well as the largest monolingual mobile games market, and Nutspower has it covered. Nutspower interactive has a variety of local resources, including outdoor advertising, merchant channels, speeches and events, local internet celebrities, etc. We’ve also integrated local online and offline market resources and payment channels. To improve our localization capacity, we’ve assembled a trilingual (Thai, Chinese, English) operations team located in Bangkok.

Vietnamese Market
Nutspower Interactive’s operations cover the entire Vietnamese market. From a cultural and creative content standpoint, it’s the closest match to the Chinese market. In addition, mobile games are very popular with Vietnamese users and easily adapted to fit the needs of the market. In the Vietnamese market, Nutspower Interactive uses the most popular game genres and materials themes to attract the greatest possible user base and create products specifically fit the market. In addition, Nutspower has a good relationship with the Vietnamese government and has acquired legal permission to operate games in the market. Our bilingual team has been working in Ho Chi Minh City for four years.

Published Products

War of Warship  English Version
War of Warship is a naval-themed SLG mobile game custom designed and published exclusively by Nutspower Interactive. Players build harbors and military bases to build their own invincible naval fleets. It’s a game with both intense strategy and simple, intuitive controls that makes players feel like they’re really sailing the seven seas. High quality graphics and hundreds of different ship designs make the game really come to life.

War of Warship  Arabic Version
War of Warship was heavily modified for the Arabic-speaking market. Changes were made to the game during localization to make it more appropriate for the target culture.

War of Warship  Traditional Chinese Version
War of Warship was heavily modified for the Traditional Chinese-speaking market. Choose your commander! Join the most intense sea war!

Dragon Nest - Saint Haven  Thai Version
Authorized by PC game Dragon Nest, Dragon Nest - Saint Haven raise a popularity in Thailand as it greatly recurs the classic of the PC game.

War of Colony  English Version
An epic strategy war game you absolutely can't miss! War of Colony takes you back to the age of colonization! Assemble your army and plunder resources to fuel your conquest! Build your base and repel invaders; your army needs your full efforts to grow stronger! Work up from Private 3rd class to Grand Marshal, and expand your territory to every corner of the world!

Dreamer World  Thai Version
Dreamer World is a Moe Manga-themed horizontal mobile ARPG developed by Ting Songyu Co. in Shanghai. Nutspower Interactive is the exclusive third-party publisher of the game in the Thai market. It will delight players with its cute characters, detailed backgrounds and amazing animations. The core gameplay involves fighting enemies and rushing towards checkpoints, a familiar take on the classic dungeon style. Players’ main objective is to develop their characters, who can be customized with clothing and accessories. Adventure Brawl is an immersive and fun adventure for all players.

Empire era  English Version
Designed by the original painting master of Finland. Fight against the players all over the world!