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Nuts Power Online
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Nuts Power Online Entertainment Limited is a mobile game company with integrated R&D and transportation, founded in November 2010, focusing on overseas markets mainly in North America and Western Europe. The company has offices in Beijing and Guangzhou.

The team has achieved remarkable results in the target markets, especially in war strategy and simulation products, and has entered the Top 30 of China's Internet revenue abroad; several products have entered the Top 100 of the U.S. App Store and Google Play bestsellers.

Nuts Power Online Entertainment Limited has two independent R&D studios, Tian Yu and superwave. In terms of team building, always adhere to the elite route, the development team of 985/211 colleges and universities graduate undergraduate, master's degree accounted for nearly 80%.


NutsPower is a fast-growing overseas mobile game publisher with a technologically advanced operations team and a top-notch marketing, art and technical support team. We publish games for English, Arabic, Thai and Vietnamese speaking markets in over 36 countries.Nutspower strives to provide high quality mobile games to gamers around the world. Currently, we are looking to expand our team through partnerships with multiple partners. With our help, you will be able to publish mobile games all over the world. It's a no-brainer, win-win decision!

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Precise advertising placement
Streamlined operation process
Superior user acquisition channels with up to 100,000 new users per day
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Third party publishing, cooperative development, custom development, etc.
Contact Person. Mr. Huang
Email: huangshengtai@nutsplay.net
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