Merge Forever

Design, Casual

Match & Merge EVERYTHING in this free merging game to advance! Merge 3 or 5 to unlock brand-new treats, and castles! Discover fairy-like magic lands & characters. Indulge yourself in a sweet mergical adventure now!

❇Merge 3 or 5 tasty desserts, candies, building, mansion, gardens or even elves on the board! Merge them all to create hundreds of complex recipes and new fantastic things. Merge and collect everything you can imagine.
❇Harvest and collect ingredients, materials, and new free resources from the surroundings to boost your game.
❇Explore enchanted magical wonderland, rescue imprisoned fairy-tale characters, bring the fairy land back to its glory.
❇Cook delicious recipes, compete in the cooking tasks, evolve magical castles with the help of hard-working fairies.
❇Participate in special mergical island event for time-limited challenges or daily quest, complete unique evermerge matches to win special rewards and surprises.
Merge and adventure in a magical town NOW!! Solve challenging puzzle, expect the unexpected, bring order to chaos, organize fairyland. You will need a little strategy to play this free delightful merger game.
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